Albrook Mall: Shopper’s Paradise

May 18, 2009 Category: Travel guide

albrookDepending on where you come from and what you need to buy, you may want to pay a visit to the Albrook Mall, the largest (covered) mall in Central America. Located just 5 minutes from the Balboa Inn ($2 taxi) and across the runway from the domestic airport, Albrook mall is great if you need:

* clothing
* electronics
* catch a bus to the country side

The Albrook Mall is attached to the Main Terminal where you can catch a bus into Panama City or even further into the interior of the country. You can even catch a bus to Costa Rica from the terminal.

The terminal aside though, Albrook Mall is a HUGE shopping mall that could take you hours to get through because of everything it has to offer. At first slightly overwhelming this mall can be maze-like but once you get the hang of it you can enjoy the variety of shopping here.

The stores range from affordable department stores like Conway and Titan to more brand name boutiques like Diesel and Converse. It also includes a bowling alley, movie theater, supermarket, pharmacy, and plenty of places to eat. Either way this mall is worth a visit and if you’ll be staying in Panama for a while you will find yourself visiting often whether its to catch a movie at Cinemark or grab groceries at Super 99.

Mall Hours:

* M-Thur 10am-8pm
* Fri & Sat 10am-9pm
* Sun 11am-7pm

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