Domestic Airport: Marcos A. Gelabert

May 18, 2009 Category: Travel guide

One reason many guests decide to stay at the Balboa Inn is our conveniently close location near Panama’s domestic airport Albrook Airport (official name: Aeropuerto Marcos A. Gelabert). Flights from here will take you to all parts of Panama including David and Bocas del Toro. The two airlines are AirPanama and Aeroperlas. If you have a flight with either of these two airlines do check about 24 hours ahead of time to confirm the time.

Domestic airlines have luggage restrictionsPlease remember these are small planes so the airlines have luggage weight restrictions in place, currently 25 pounds per person. If you have more than that, you can safely leave luggage in storage at the Balboa Inn until you return. Well, assuming you carry a little less than this lady. Also a note about liquids, sometimes they are sticklers about liquids and aerosols so keep this in mind. It’s not part of their official regulations but it has happened in the past that they prohibit these items.

If you are thinking about renting a car in Panama for a trip to the interior you might consider picking it up at the Albrook Airport this way you can avoid the hassle of going all the way back to the Tocumen International Airport.

Getting to the airport is easy as it is just a 5 minute taxi ride from the Balboa Inn and right next to the Main Bus Terminal and Albrook Mall. For more information about Albrook Airport call (507) 315-0403.

Below a picture to give you an idea of Albrook airport and its surroundings.Albrook airport is around the corner from the Balboa Inn

Car Rental Agencies at Albrook Airport:

National Car Rental: (507) 315-0416 / 0417

Budget Car Rental: (507) 263–8777

Thrifty Car Rental: (507) 315-0144

Helicopter Rental/Tours at Albrook Airport:

Helipan Corp.

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