Exploring Gatun Lake

March 20, 2011 Category: Travel guide

The Isthmus of Panama was formed just over 3 million years ago. This land bridge has allowed animals and plants of two continents to mix and mingle. This is why Panama is so rich in flora and fauna. Lake Gatun was created between the years 1906-1914. The lake is part of an aquatic bridge that links the Caribbean sea to the Pacific Ocean. When you consider the nature, history, and the Panama Canal, Lake Gatun is one of the most interesting places found on this planet.

And there’s no better way to visit it than with Jungle Land Explorers.

See the Gatun Lake like nobody else does

This company, led by the passionate Carl Davis, has created an excellent set of tours that will satisfied the need of individuals, families and even companies. Their one day Gatun Adventure is a great way to combine leisure, nature and adventure and it’s only a 25-minute trip from the Balboa Inn. Pick up and drop off included in the price.   For a full-day package that includes a lunch on their floating lodge and all the activities seen below or go to their website. www.junglelandpanama.com  also recommended tours :- trans-isthmus train & tour package and a visit to an Embara village, this is one of our favorites.

If you pictures above don’t get you excited, we don’t know what will!

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