Pet Relocation

September 06, 2010 Category: Travel guide

Moving to another country can already be a difficult process but moving with a pet can make it much more complicated. Over the past two years we’ve had many guests who come to Panama not as tourists but as future residents and they’ve often asked our advice regarding pet relocation. Therefore we’ve decided to publish a short post on this process and are of course welcoming of any questions.

However please keep in mind that we are not the final authorities on this process and that this is simply information for our guests so that they can take the next stop in finding the right person to assist them with the process.

The page where you will find instructions and necessary documents for your pet’s arrival is from the Ministry of Health here. The first page listed is an application for home quarantine which will allow you to bring your pet to your new residence the same day you arrive instead of having it quarantined with the Ministry of Health for 40 days. This is very important! You must have this filled out and sent to the appropriate office at least 3 days before your arrival otherwise you will have to leave your pet quarantined with the government for 40 days.

The second page is a list of requirements in English and Spanish for a successful relocation for your pet. Again as we mentioned we highly recommend using the services of a company here in Panama to help you with the process. Our guests have used two different companies in the past: The Golden Frog and Panama Pet Relocation.

They will aid you in preparing for your pet’s arrival and be at the airport the day of your arrival/departure to help you through the process with the paperwork and the veterinarian. However another word of warning it’s very important that you maintain constant communication with the company who you contract for this service and that you understand every step of the process so as to avoid any hiccups.

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