to/from Albrook Airport

February 18, 2010 By: thorwald Category: - from Albrook airport

Albrook Airport (officially Marcos A. Gelabert) is only a 5 minute taxi ride away from the Balboa Inn. Walking isn’t really an option due to lack of sidewalks and busy traffic in one particular area.

Getting there
To get to Albrook airport we can either call you a taxi or you walk two blocks and flag one down on the street. If you have an early morning departure let us know a day in advance to arrange a taxi ahead of time so you won’t miss your flight.

If you have a rental car, ask our reception staff for a copy of our ‘how to get to Albrook airport’ sheet or print the Albrook Airport info sheet.

Getting to the Balboa Inn from Albrook Airport
Simply get a taxi at the airport. Make SURE you carry a printed copy of this sheet !  The fare should be $ 5.  We can arrange pickup but since the local airlines have a habit of arriving a little after scheduled times, the fee will be $ 5-6, depending on the waiting time.

If you have rental car, it’s easy too. Just print the Albrook Airport info sheet with directions.  If the car has a GPS map, we’re under ‘accommodations’, ‘Balboa Inn’.  But, since the car-rental company may not carry the latest version of the map, better print that info sheet anyway.

Below a few images to show exactly how close we are.  Please note the handmade map (2nd image) is not totally up-to-date except for the area close to the Balboa Inn itself.