Can I get a cellular phone?
There are 2 ways to have access to a cellphone while staying at the Balboa Inn. You can buy one at one of the many stores in the Albrook Mall. For $ 25-45 you have a decent prepaid phone and about 5 minutes of use. If you plan to return to Panama regularly, this is the best option.
Depending on your phone (must be GSM) you can also buy a SIM card for about $5-$10 and use your own phone with a local number.

If you bring your own phone and plan to use it intensively, remember the roaming charges will be higher than the cost of private health insurance in Iraq.  And make sure you get PRINTED info from your carrier on how to make your phone work in Panama.

Do you allow pets?
The Balboa Inn is a pet-friendly B&B, we have many guests who are moving to Panama and recognized the need for accommodation that allows pets. Needless to say we’ve had no problems so far with this policy, even taken in a 120lb white German Shepard!
We are one of the very few places in Panama City that allow pets but please cooperate to keep it that way. Please don’t let your pet sleep on the bed. Needless to say we only accept well-behaved pets. If your pet creates any problems that affect the well-being of other guests, we reserve the right to require you to leave. We reserve the right to deny entry to pets we feel will cause noncompliance with our pet policy. If unsure, please inquire. To cover extra cleaning expenses, we do charge a USD 10 a day per room pet cleaning fee with a maximum of USD 40 per week.
Pets should not be left alone in a room unless they are kept in a cage. Any pet-related damages will incur in extra charges. For information regarding pet relocation to Panama please see our blog entry here.

Mary Ellen & Randy from Boquete with their 2 'kids'


What kind of Internet service do you offer?
We have 1 computer available for guests during the day time and 2 in the evening. There’s also a wireless network. If you bring your laptop and it has a WiFI card in it, you’ll be able to surf right away, in your room or in our common area and garden patio. This is a free service for all our guests.