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February 16, 2010 Category: - By taxi

If you have not arranged our airport transfer service and come by taxi, especially late at night, these instructions will help your driver find us. Remember, we’re a relatively new kids on the block so few taxi drivers know our location. Or, they simply assume we are another B&B like La Estancia or a back-packer hostel called ‘Balboa Bay’.  And as we still have to meet the first taxi driver who can read maps, they are not of much use either. However, we have included one below for your own reference.

So PLEASE print this page – or better, this PDF file – and take it with you and save yourself from possible frustration.

  • Quiero ir a Balboa (area revertida). Primero al Instituto Marina
    Mercante el cual se encuentra frente la escuela Bolivar. Allí
    entramos. A cien metros hay una intersección: seguimos recto,
    pasando cinco (5) policias muertas .
      Despues del quinto,
    apenas saliendo de la curva esta la casa 2311-A a su mano
    derecha.  Es la parte izquierda de un duplex. 

    Tiene un escudo pintado en la pared de fondo de la cochera que
    dice ‘Balboa Inn’.

    Teléfonos: 314-1520 / 6618-4414    


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